Gregg Homme has just launched its new collection ‘Downtown’. It is the sexiest collection they’ve ever made and once you feast your eyes on it- you will wholeheartedly agree. It explores a multitude of complex fabrics and detailing that truly put the man’s best body part at the forefront. The A/W 2014 Collection exceeds expectations and surpasses limitations by pushing the boundaries of what we have come to know as sexy men’s underwear. 


With a plethora of sexy swimwear for women out there, Gregg Homme thought- why can’t men enjoy the same luxury? ARDENT is a revealing, yet tasteful swimwear collection unlike anything you have seen before. We add complex designs to a classic look by adding sheer mesh all around and infuse bold colors to make a statement. It’s going to be a crowd teaser... Wear this to the beach at your own risk.


The two hottest colors of the season are now merging to create Gregg Homme’s hip and youthful HEATWAVE collection. It is casual yet attractively stylish, and this sporty look is going to hit the world like a storm. This collection combines two of Gregg Homme’s classic fabrics- the wetlook and seethrough/striped fabric. This bright and electrifying collection is for the fun and stylish man of today.


Keeping up with the magenta and lime trend, Gregg Homme’s HOTSPELL utilizes classic styles and enlivens it with bright and colorful detail. This collection incorporates the uttermost comfortable Micro Modal fabric, and introduces GH’s new waistband and logo. Who says that being comfortable and stylish can’t go hand in hand?


The LOVER-BOY collection is a romantic line and will guarantee some lovin’. This fun and flirtatious collection comes in five colors and introduces a new candy striped waistband. It provides maximum support and enhancement with a built-in elastic loop. Naughty by nature! Wild by choice.


Live that hedonistic lifestyle and indulge yourself with the new MARTINI collection. This underwear integrates an ultra-fine gauge microfiber material that will feel magnificent to the body, mind and soul. This classic and traditional style reaches a new level of grandeur with the fabric and colors. Underwear you will love to live in.


Complete your beach look with this fresh and fun swim collection. With an array of colors to choose from, you can relax by shore and finally get the tan you want with the POOL PARTY thong. Or you can sit at the pool bar and have a drink or two with the pool party brief. Either way, you’re guaranteed a good time with this eye-catching and playful swimwear.


Made with Organic Cotton and ultrasoft suede, the WEEKENDER will make you look, feel and act like the King you were destined to be. This style is infused with luxury and grandeur in every way, and you should treat yourself because you deserve it. Some may call it indulgence, we call it a necessity.


NSFW: Not Suitable For Work. CITY LIMIT is a state of the art collection, it emits an urban and alternative vibe and the elaborate designs are laser cut with love. The crushed leather in this style Is one of Gregg Homme’s most luxurious and innovative fabrics to date. Ever seen leather that stretches? Well there’s a first time for everything.


Truth or DARE? Gregg Homme dares you to wear this outrageously racy and risque collection. This collection introduces an open slit for easy access and allows your goods to rest in a breathable mesh pouch. The brief even features detachable snaps for some fun and foreplay. Only Gregg Homme could come up with an underwear like this and get away with it!


ENCORE is a stunning fusion of boldness and elegance. The horizontal detail in this collection is made with utmost intricacy, and this highly comfortable fabric will feel like heaven to the touch. The symmetry and design in this style is sexy, edgy and complex- just like the typical Gregg Homme man. Encore is luxury with style, and if you put it on, you won’t want to take it off.


Let’s face it, your johnson could use a little support, and Gregg Homme has got your back! Let your goods to surge through with this dynamic and exciting new FAKE-IT collection. This style incorporates an advanced crossed elastic system to give your goods a little pump, and uses the famous hyper-stretch body- hugging fabric to ensure comfort. This collection comes in three popping neon colors that are sure to stimulate.


Possibly one of the most highly-demanded styles ever, Gregg Homme has finally made all your wishes come true with NUDE. This collection uses an 8-way stretch material to create a glove-like underwear that will fit your every curve, edge and contour. It maintains an elegance while promoting the utmost sexiness. This revolutionary hyperstretch underwear is R-Rated, and may create a surge of unrestrained desire.

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